Mental Health in Australia

Transforming mental health through design thinking

Self doubt and shame are crippling lives. Mental health is a huge problem. We need a new approach in order to solve it.

1 in 5 Australians will experience mental health issues this year. 65% won’t do anything about it. It’s a growing problem, The WHO projects that by 2030 depression is going to be the biggest cause of disability worldwide.

Undeniably we have seen a rise in stress, anxiety and depression in our consumption-driven society. Mental health care is stretched, and getting more expensive. The right care and support is inaccessible to those that need it most. Worse still, there is a toxic stigma to the term that prevents those that need help to seek it.

Mental health is still a dirty word, and we need to own it.

As makers and healthcare professionals we have a responsibility to solve the puzzle of providing modern support to people that need it. We need to strive for more than superficial band-aids, and we can only fix this growing problem using a human centered approach.

We are obsessed about solving the profoundly important problem of mental health disability. Human centered digital transformation is already changing the world. Now is time to disrupt the health industry by better understanding both patient and practitioner needs, building the future of health.

We believe that collaborating using a multi-disciplinary approach is the way we can deliver breakthroughs in mental health treatment and prevention. Ultimately, we want to work with experts that have the dream of delivering personalised treatment to anyone that needs it, anywhere and anytime.


We believe in scientifically supported methods to solving mental health problems. Here is based on principals of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which is a practical, hands-on approach used by health care professionals to improve negative thinking habits. It’s proven to be one of the most successful methods to treating anxiety, depression, addiction and other disorders.

We believe in prevention. Here is for anyone that seeks to benefit from improved clarity through better thinking habits. It’s for anyone that wants to improve their wellbeing by trying something new and stepping outside of their comfort zone. Here can help people face future stressful situations more effectively.

We believe in spontaneity. We want to surprise and delight people through challenges that bring a sense accomplishment. We know that everyone is different and at a different stage of their journey, so we respect that. We reward people making small wins each day, which will help them tackle the bigger challenges of life.

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