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The beautifully designed speakers and their subwoofer

Guess who designed those beautiful multimedia speakers. Yes, Sir Jony Ive VP of design at Apple did it and that’s no wonder the MoMA has decided to add this beautiful object to their permanent collection. Keep reading to learn about the amazing story of a product joint-produced by two of the most prestigious company in the World: Apple and Harman Kardon

First release

The 2000 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference was the perfect place to release the Harman Kardon iSub 2000 Subwoofer and SoundSticks which were the predecessors of what became the Soundsticks II.

Why did Apple decide to venture into the audio world? …

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A few weeks ago, Christophe and I ran into a cheap, used iMac DV in Paris so we decided to tear down our first big Thing. Here’s a stop motion video of this session 🛠

Let’s go back in time and analyse Ruby 🛑 in more details.

A little bit of history

The line of iMac was started in 1998 right after Steve Jobs came back to sit on his throne at Apple as interim CEO. The Ruby version was released one year after the original Bondi Blue, in 1999.

This first product under the new reign of Steve Jobs was responsible for the amazing turnaround at Apple. From an almost bankrupt company to what the corporation used to be: a design-oriented company with easy-to-use computers. After more than 4 years of commercialization, the G3 left the stage and the G4 took its place in 2002. …

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You loved it, you adored it, you lost it, you were obsessed by it and your parents got mad at you after buying the 3rd one.

The Tamagotchi original (たまごっち) aka as P1 or P2 regarding the version was released by Bandai in 1996. This toy became an icon overnight despite Bandai not expecting much of this little device.

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A few months ago Christophe ran into an old Sony Walkman, the WM-EX14 manufactured by Sony in the 90s. The EX14 was identical to the EX17 but with Dolby noise reduction circuitry.

This product wasn’t meant to be a high-end product but a mass-production player for anybody, sturdy enough to resist small falls with an 8 hours battery life with a pair of “AA” sized dry cells because of innovations in semiconductor technology making the chipset more efficient with lowered power consumption.

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Background: We are two friends who loved to tear things apart when we were kids. Plus we have a passion for design and engineering so we love to explore the hidden side of everyday life objects.

Before tearing the Gameboy down, let’s have a look at the history of this iconic object and the engineering powering the most successful handheld console in history.

A short history of the Gameboy

April 21st 1989, Japan. The first Gameboy is released. The Japanese Tsunami will reach the US in August of the same year, and Europe in September 1990.

The 8-bit video game device developed by Nintendo under the supervision of Gunpei Yokoi and Nintendo Research & Development. The same staff that brought to life the Game & Watch…

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Kodak Instamatic 100 1963

The Kodak Instamatic 100 was the first Instamatic Camera released in the US in 1963. Its production lasted until 1966 when it was discontinued. The simple, minimalistic, fool proof and simple-to-use design has been invented by Frank A. Zagara, an industrial designer at Kodak. Here is the original Patent

Do you remember how being a kid was such an amazing period of our lives? No stress, playing all the time, exploring the world, being amazed by so many things, but also and most importantly, taking things apart to see what’s hiding inside!

Why should it be limited to kids?

That’s how this idea came up. We are two friends who loved to tear things apart when we were kids and we now love these very products we used to play with. Plus we have a passion for design and engineering.

Let’s “unmake” things!

We decided to take some iconic objects apart to realise how complex they are inside, yet so simple from the outside. …



Have a look at the beauty inside products you love. Made by @ThisIsYo_Lo & @KinouC

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