This Blog Post Is Dead. The Fallacy of Dead Or Alive Marketing

Cruising through my Facebook feed, I noticed an ad that claimed “Email marketing is dead!” (see below)

Other than the fact that the only thing that looked deceased was the ad designer’s judgement in a blood soaked bar graph, but then you see how to access the report that reveals why you should stop using email……

You guessed it. Just enter your email address. Sorry, I meant your “Best” email address. (Shouldn’t it read “Worst email address” since it’s a horrible medium?)

No marketing tactic/channel is dead, nor are any alive. It’s what we do with them. Email, blogging, video, presentations, social media, trade shows, direct mail and yes, even knocking on people’s doors can work for sales and marketing. Just depends on your resources, ability and product/service being offered.

I know of companies daily using even method out there:

  • Local paving company making six figures by door knocking
  • Conference that quadrupled registrations using Facebook
  • Teeth Whitener using Instagram influencers to create exponential growth
  • Jerk Chicken stand selling out daily because of Yelp and cruise directors

Pick a methodology and you can find great success and total failure. Nothing works for everyone.

Whenever you hear “XYZ marketing is dead!” the person saying it is usually selling a product or service that offers the alternative.

These people are trying to use fear to market to you (Fear marketing is dead! Long live fear marketing!) I see it all the time, first email was dead, then blogging, then podcasting. It’s used all the time to sell social media services.

Know your own results. If there is a new tactic or platform, take a peek at it and weigh out the options. Is your market there? Will they be? How much in resource cost will it take to be effective and is the cost per lead/customer acquisition in your range?

But if you’re being told you have to be somewhere, you probably don’t.

What do I know though, someone said UnMarketing was dead years ago.

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