Horrible person rant…

I met this non-Black woman who is the most scandalous woman I’ve ever encountered in my life. She did drugs, walked around naked busting it wide open and talking about sucking tricks dicks and shit of that hoe nature all in front of her eight year old son. I couldn’t believe how low down and dirty she was. To top it off she was the laziest self-proclaimed hustler I’ve witnessed on the planet. Wanna sleep all morning but broke as fuck with a kid to feed and house. She is comfortable being unstable sleeping in her car, eating out of dumpsters and squatting with her unkept child. Bitches like that don’t need to keep their child, but these are the ones who slip through the cracks. I loathe this bitch, yet praying for her child. He said out loud that he want to leave (this earth) — she didn’t comfort him, just told him to not talk like that. He followed up and told me God never answer his prayer, when I asked what it was, he said it was to have a better life. So sad.

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