Vocational Training Programs and its importance for Youth Empowerment

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Most of our population are young and will be looking for a job in the future years. Many of you are now at a crossroads to find answers to what you want or should do throughout your career. Everyone requires at least one ability to earn his or her living and contribute to his or her family. To do so, all feasible alternatives must be made available to them.

Some believe that vocational training is not suitable for students in college. That’s not how it should be, though. Let’s see what Vocational skills mean. The term vocational means learning a work-related skill. This is not only another better choice, but will also include practical skills for the job. In reality, the learner is better prepared with the right professional skills for long term jobs.

Vocational training is a perfect choice for those who want to know early and who can not afford to spend three or four years to graduate. This provides a wide variety of jobs and does not cost much like a traditional degree requires large amounts of money. And a well-conceived training policy should, therefore, be established.

Benefits of Vocational Training Program

  1. You are more likely to be able to start working sooner, with vocational training and certification.
  2. For the job seeker, the vocational certificate is often an extra value and hence ready for immediate acceptance of the successful and well-paid work.
  3. Many are given the chance to upgrade their credentials, which do not enrol in college otherwise due to low performance or financial difficulties.
  4. Vocational training provides a wide variety of specialization choices. It’s less costly and short-term. Students should select the one according to their interest and understand exactly-how.
  5. Education provides candidates with a certain amount of expertise that the employer requires.

Reduce Joblessness

When Vocational training prepares an individual for the job market, it reduces unemployment risks. Through these courses, a person is acquainted with practical knowledge. Many who already know their field of employment favour employers. And they don’t have to invest any more workplace training.

Training is required as the easiest way of reducing unemployment in the country.

Unnati’s Vocational Training Program for Students

Unnati is a 50-day vocational training program offered at a subsidized cost to the underprivileged less educated, unemployed and economically backward youth with an assured job. Unnati enables inclusive growth by empowering families below the poverty line.

  1. UNXT is a 100-hour job-oriented training program
  2. Is provided free of cost
  3. Tailored for final year students in Government Colleges
  4. Includes students from Degree Colleges, ITIs & Polytechnics
  5. Conducted at the college premises
  6. Placement guarantee for certified UNXT students

What Does UNXT Offer?

  1. Training in spoken English & Effective communication
  2. PlayAblo — an E-learning app in a game format which facilitates English learning
  3. Life Skills which includes
  4. Teamwork & Participation
  5. Problem-solving and Conflict Management
  6. Workplace Ethics & Behaviour
  7. Grooming
  8. Healthy Lifestyle
  9. Employability Skills like Resume Writing & Interview Skills
  10. Values


Unnati Skill Centre

Address: UNNATI CENTRE, No 1(p, Temple Rd, NGEF East, Sadanandanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560033

Phone: 080 2538 4642

Visit: www.unnatiblr.org

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Unnati is an organization that develops life skills training, soft skills training, personality development class, gamified learning programs. www.unnatiblr.org

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