The Tom & Jerry Show

As I sat on the balcony of my new room, I tried to locate stars in the dark sky. And after struggling for half an hour and failing miserably, I got back to what I was doing — dreaming about you! I have had feelings for a lot of people — in fact, every time I thought it was true love. From my high school crush, Sameer, to my college crush, Ankush, and from my random crush, Farhan, to my office crush who can’t be named for privacy reasons, I’ve tried to find my one true love in quite a few guys and two girls (Charvi and Riya didi *only because she was hot af* — secrets spilling!) as well for that matter (no, I am not bisexual — just desperate for love). And I daydreamed about spending my life with these people and imagined how it would be to be with them; I even wanted to have babies with Farhan. And just then I met you. Again! A streak of overwhelm runs through my spine as I start writing about you, about us! Jer, you had me when you smiled at me for the first time. That little lip curling towards the side of your cheek — I have seen comets (in my imagination) but never something so mesmerising as your lip. Now, the next line may sound like a little objectification of your beauty and it is but try to see the spell you have cast on me. I love drinking tea with you. I just love it. When you take a sip of your hot tea, your lip gets a little wet and pinker and I look at it like a kid looks at the stars in a daze for the first time. And because I feel the warmth of a comforting night when you are next to me sipping on your tea. Let’s have coffee the next time we go out — I want you to see how I always spill my coffee on my hand, how I always burn my tongue, and how I hold the mug with my little hands. I want you to get familiar with yet another characteristic of mine — clumsiness! And then, maybe you can call me — Clumsy Caterpillar. :P Plus, I can bore you with my extraordinary knowledge about coffee — the manufacturing countries, different types of beans, the manufacturing processes, and the difference between espresso and cappuccino.

I remember how I’d sneak into your house — the Banyan tree in your veranda — strange that its memory is so fresh in my mind even though I never paid attention to it then. I remember how we would sit in the veranda and watch Tom & Jerry while drinking Rasna and how you’d constantly nudge me to eat those super shitty sandwiches you made. I think that’s where I found my love in sandwiches. Summer vacations were always hard for me — an entire day with my mother — god save me from the torture but the one hour that I spent with you every day made it bearable. You turned my dark and morbid summers into a spring that makes frogs and birds come out of their habitat and sing melodies. You made it feel like rains! Jer, I made my first paper boat with you and I flew my first kite with you. I ate my first chewing gum with you (and put it in those weird brown shoes you had) and I played my first kitchen set with you (you were such a girl!). I remember how you watched me from a distance when I fought with those boys and beat the shit out of them and I remember how you cried like a chicken shit when my knees and elbows started bleeding after I fell from your bicycle. I don’t have a lot of childhood memories, Jer, but apart from the one that I have with my dad, you are in all of them. You are all of them!

P.S. Let’s go back to your house again. Let’s wear those weird shirts and knickers again. Let’s watch Tom & Jerry again. Let’s make sandwiches together this time.