JNU (Jingoism ,Nationalism and Us…)

This is a compendious take on the JNU imbroglio.The use of state machinery and legal subterfuge to oppress dissent has occurred in the past,and those instances are indisputably defined as the dark age of this nation.Plurality and inclusiveness constitute the bulwark of a dynamic democracy rather than restrained borders and economic growth.The hyper nationalist or rather jingoistic wave doing the rounds today is trying to reduce the issue of violation of the constitutionaly granted right to disssent,into a bipolar struggle between nationals and anti national,and effectively aiding cultural balkanization.These fascist elements camouflaged in nationalist garb use the centiment associated to defence casualties to infuse notions of insecurity,hyper nationalism and alarm among the politically gullible and naive.Defense personnel are respected and appreciated for their selfless service and sacrifice to nationalist ideals,but to justify war and hatred to satisfy the sentiments of casualties of war would only result in incrementing the number of casualties.Intolerance to critical analysis of national policy is regressive,to say the least.I quote “The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism”.

Since indian judiciary follows the restorative model of justice over the retributive version,it is absolutely necessary for the fairness of judgments such as this to be open to criticism. If an act is doubted to be that of majoritarian political decree it must indeed be questioned via constitutionaly provided rights.This nation as envisaged by it,s should be an entity where the citizens can agree to disagree.

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