Comment on the Taiwan Strait relations

Recently, we saw the Chinese authorities in Beijing keep on waging a military attack on Taiwan. As a Taiwanese, I regard this issue in the history of Taiwan.

Taiwan ancient map

In Taiwan, the earliest people living in this area were indigenous people, who lived on this land for three to four million years (up to date). Until the Netherlands, Spain have dominated the era of international competition, at this time has entered the sixteenth century, that is, the great discovery of geography sea period.

Just as the Dutch ruled Taiwan, a 30-year-old youth from China called Zheng Chenggong. Repel the Dutch, and live in Zeelandia(now Tainan Anping Fort) self-styled Yanping Wang. Thus opened the Han (the Qing Dynasty) ruled Taiwan’s prelude.

For 211 years, Taiwan was under the rule of the Qing Dynasty in China. However, in 1895 (21 years Guangxu), China lost in the Sino-Japanese War, so it signed the Treaty of Shimonoseki, Taiwan Island, Penghu Island cut to Japan, forcing people in Taiwan to go for 50 years Japanese period. During this period of history, we clearly saw that there has been no such province in Taiwan as China’s territory. Even the Taiwan Province as delineated by the Qing dynasty ceased to Japan. Moreover, at the moment when Taiwan is ceded to Taiwan, Taiwan has long proclaimed independence immediately (though it has finally failed) and where does it mean that “Taiwan is a province of China?”

China map of 1924, bottom left corner of Taiwan (white box) is blank

After the Second World War, Japan defeated and returned Taiwan to the then ruling Chinese authorities: the National Government of the ROC. At that time, the international community up to today also unanimously found Taiwan to belong to the government of the ROC. Moreover, at that time, the government at that time had never conducted land planning for Taiwan. It was only after the ROC government withdrawn to Taiwan that it classified Taiwan into Taiwan Province. And as early as 1998, the province has been abandoned, but where is Taiwan’s China one province?

Therefore, the people’s Republic of China and the authorities in Beijing should not be your dream of united front anymore. It is illusory. The dream of five or six decades should have been awakened, no longer self-respecting, or peaceful coexistence accepted by the world.

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