How Technocratic Hyper-Rationalism Has Birthed Right-Wing Extremism
Liz Ryerson

How many times do people have to explain this to you folks?

  • People who are interested in “hypermasculine fantasies” like Call of Duty or Gears of War do not spend their time on the internet engaging in culture wars. They do not have cute anime avatars, they do not hang out on image boards, and so on.
  • People who are right-wing, red pill, homophobic, racist, sexist, and so on do not create hashtag movements like NotYourShield, do not associate with sex positive women, factual feminists, men’s right activists, do not have “people of color” as their friends and spokespersons, and so on.
  • People who dislike feminist critiques like those of Sarkeesian or Jezebel/Mary Sue or Polygon do so not out of reactionary impulse, but because the arguments are shallow and presented in an intellectually dishonest way. These outlets do not tolerate anyone who shows them to be ignorant or lying, and continue to aggressively push a one-sided agenda instead of acting like brokers for diversity of ideas, the most important form of diversity around.
  • People who spend their time on video game forums know that social themes, political topics, varied characters, and other rich characterizations have been around forever, and count games that feature them among their favorites. LGBT and female characters in Fallout, heroines and female villains in The Witcher series with real motivations, biting consumerist satire of both left and right wing ideas in GTA, cyberpunk dystopia and inequality in Deus Ex, …

You’re just creating an amalgamation of the big white male patriarchical boogieman and it’s full of contradictions. Stop projecting, start engaging, except of course, it’s 2.5 years too late now.

A very large group of people kept trying to tell you all, and instead you magnified a few isolated instances as being representative of the thoughts and feelings of thousands who had nothing to do with it.

People don’t hate politics in games, they hate that we’re not allowed to have more than one agenda. People don’t hate equal rights, they hate the hypocrisy and fragility of contemporary feminists. People don’t hate facts or reporting, they hate that the media abused its platform to shame and bully.

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