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Mr Ford, if you yell at people from a blog that they’re bigots and phobics, it’s not a “conversation”, it’s preaching. Like most preachers, the point isn’t to talk about reality, it’s to moralistically shame and convert, and it shows that people like yourself will never actually be satisfied.

The game randomizes ethnicity and sexuality, and lets any character have any occupation or role. Half the fun is to project your own stories onto their actions, which Lo did, projecting her own biases to manufacture a controversy.

Just like that Hollaback “research” you quote, which features a self-selected survey audience with no satistical validity, and who are famously known for spinning 10 hours of unremarkable footage into a 2 minute viral video that was so ridiculous it became a meme.

These are your sources, this is the “conversation” you wish to extend, and this is why most folks can’t take this sort of activist “journalism” seriously. Especially not when people who claim to abhor gender roles fall over themselves to demonstrate that they feel men must defend women at all costs.