Double Baker’s Dozen Fun Run

An hour and half of eating and avoiding heat stroke

I started my run at 5am.

I ended my run sick of donuts.

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The Plan

Notice the lack of making it back home.

I planned on visiting six donut shops… I made it to five.

Sorry Krispy Kreme. Maybe next time.

Daylight Donuts

Sour cream old fashioned.

Daylight Donuts was first on the list because they are closest to my house and open at 5am. I would have liked to get more than two miles under my belt before shoving a donut in my mouth though.

I show up around 5:20, it’s still dark. I get greeted with a look of…

Why do you have a safety vest on? and Do you know what time it is?

I immediately find out to my horror, that they only have two trays of donuts; and no raised donuts. If you are open, then you should have donuts. All I wanted was some sweet jelly filled action, not a good start.

I decided on the old fashioned. It was a strong choice.

It had the perfect amount of glaze, a good crisp outside and a flavorful inside. Worth the $1.08 after tax I paid.

3.5 stars.

I headed out fairly quickly as the weather was still brisk and I wanted to make good time.

Dunkin Donuts

I knew Dunkin was the weakest entry on the list. All it had going for it was being on the way to The 5280 Donuts, and they technically serve donuts.

I started getting my hopes up as I saw the nice new building and was greeted promptly by a nice cashier. I was hungry, so I decided to order two donuts. I figured I’d see how the old fashioned glazed stacked up to Daylight and I needed some jelly.

I guess it’s a heart for mother’s day? I was confused.
My hopes were immediately smashed.

The old fashioned was under cooked and the glaze was not solidified. It was hard to understand how this could be the same genus as Daylight’s.

The jelly filled was dry, with a miniscule amount of clumpy filling.

I paid $2.18 for these piles of sadness. I did not finish them.

1.5 stars

The 5280 Donuts

So beautiful, could not resist.

I did not make it to The 5280 Donuts until 7am. I may or may not have had to use a public restroom that was guarded by a homeless lady who blocked her face from me with a pink storage bin lid. I was still feeling strong even as the sun began to rise.

I wasn’t positive on the location, but then saw the simple sign… DONUTS.

I walk in and see other customers… good.

The lady in front of me orders two breakfast sandwiches… interesting.

I then look at the donut display… it was glorious.

This is how donuts are suppose to look. The assortment was amazing and I knew I was going to have to order two.

I appreciated the size of the donuts, they were larger than Dunkin, but not some hideous beasts. I paid $2.79 for the pair. I then heard the owner say to a customer, “The usual?”… another great sign.

I finally got the delicious jelly filled I had been hoping for. The glaze was perfect and the inside was liquid velvet. Unfortunately, I did have to take two bites to get to the jelly.

The chocolate with whipped cream was a tourist trap and I feel right in.

4.5 stars

Lamar’s Donuts

This thing was H-U-G-E

I got briefly lost for the first time trying to find Lamar’s, but only for a few minutes. My body was still feeling good, but I was not looking forward to another donut. I told myself no matter what, only order one.

I had no idea, that one donut meant I would have to pay $3.02 and have to use two hands to hold it.

The filling was generous, but the bottom of the donut was moist. The chocolate glaze was solid, inside was a little dry.

I did not understand why so many people were in line.

2.5 Stars.

The Beginning of the End

After leaving Lamar’s I was tired of donuts, but I knew it was a while to the next stop and felt strong overall.

I even stopped to take this lovely photograph.

Foothills from an open space in Westminster.

I had 15 miles in after Lamar’s. I’ve run that many times and with the breaks, I felt the future looked bright. But the next few miles would turn into pain.

The first problem was I didn’t know exactly where I was. I wanted to find a trail, and I did, unfortunately it added miles to my journey. The sun and temperature was rising. As 9am rolled around, it was getting hot.

Then the path I was on dead-ended into a golf course. I had to double back around on a nice shaded path, adding more mileage.

When I finally made it out onto 104th and started mile 21, the sun pounded me. I convinced myself everything was fine and I stopped at Holy Donuts… except it wasn’t Holy Donuts, it was a Starbucks. Because I was still 1.7 miles from Holy Donuts. A slight under-estimate.

I drank the rest of my water.

I considered quitting. I probably should have.

Mile 22 yielded bad side cramps. I had to start stopping. Santiago’s had a line, a burrito did sound delicious. I stayed true to my mission though.

Holy Donuts

Had to get my chocolate fix. Devil’s Food with caramel drizzle and coconut.

Holy Donuts is situated in a partially abandoned strip mall next to a pipe shop and a dispensary. It’s a small shopped run by an older married couple. The man made a joke about it snowing, my brain didn’t process it.

They did have a nice assortment of donuts, but a small display case. I couldn’t decide as I wasn’t honestly that interested in another donut.

I picked out a small cake donut and got my chocolate fill. The donut itself was a perfect texture and the topping was delicious as well. Only set me back $1.09.

4 stars

The End

Leaving Holy Donuts, I understood I needed water if I was going to continue. It was now 10am and well over 70 degrees.

I ran across the street to McDonald’s and bought a large soda. I drank an entire cup of water and then filled up my water bottles. I then had some delicious Barq’s root beer.

Leaving McDonald’s I knew my legs were strong enough to get me all the way home (~7 miles), but a quarter mile later the cramps started again and I started shuffling my way to the finish.

At mile 25, I messaged my wonderful wife and asked her to pick me up. My cramps started to go away over the last half mile and I was able to “finish strong.”

Parting Thoughts

It was nice to get a marathon in and explore some new donut spots.

I would definitely recommend The 5280 Donuts and Holy Donuts.

Next time I will try to go a shorter distance to avoid the heat and the cramping and try to find some new Denver-area donut shops.

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