I’m the CEO/founder of a remote company as well.
Laura Roeder

No, I totally get that, Laura. On a typical day you’ll see maybe 5–10 people working out of our HQ (of ~70 total). Those that are there will still use Blue Jeans for meetings, and it’s completely normal to Slack someone who’s just on the other side of the office. We think of the office more as a touchdown or co-working space.

That said, we definitely encourage people to use the space once a week (Thursdays), so they benefit from that face-to-face time. But you’re right, extending those benefits to the rest of the fully remote team is a real challenge. We’re trying a bunch of things in that regard.

Getting rid of our offices would arguably solve that, but I think in our case it would be at the expense of those in-person benefits.

It’s such a delicate balance and there is certainly no one right way.

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