A Fuck You Poem To My Ex

This poem has been written for all the men who were never worth our time, but who were able to push their way through our guarded hearts and minds and caused us to forget our worth. May we rebuild our self-esteem, be reminded of our worth, break free from the mental chains and think of you only when we want to remind ourselves of the men we do not want nor deserve.

Fuck you for all the times you tried to brainwash me

Pointed out all my flaws and made me believe you were the best thing for me, and that I would never find anyone better

Fuck you for the times you make me feel ugly

Fuck you for all the birthdays you made me stay home and cry because you didn’t take me out, or buy me gift

Fuck you, for robbing me of some my youth

I waited on you all those years for you to choose me but you didn’t

You said you were close to making me your girl, but there were “one or two” things about me that I needed to fix

Fuck you for all the years I let you control so much of me

Let myself eat like crap, put on all this weight from stresses of dealing with your shit

Fuck you

— -

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