A Lie

They told us a lie when we were little.

They said, read your books, do your homework, obey all the adults and you’ll be ready for the good life the world has for you.

But that was a lie.

This world is sometimes filled with so much hate and people who want to keep you down.

I’m not saying my generation isn’t blessed to be alive during this time, but they lied to us.

Made us think that the world help us when we needed it.

That if we equipped ourselves with all the necessary skills the system requires of us, that life would be a smoother ride.

They didn’t tell us that we would work jobs that made us feel happy and unfulfilled because the ones we actually want don’t want us.

They didn’t tell us that we’d have to grapple with low paying jobs, high food costs and a society filled with selfish assholes.

They made us feel like we should strive to be perfect for our partners so we could enjoy a long life filled with love and companionship.

Instead, we find ourselves with partners who only care to fulfill their selfish desires and don’t know how to love.

They didn’t tell us that our innocent love would be tainted by mistrust, hate, and anger.

They lied to us.

— -

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