Affirmations for Melanin Girls

We get so many mixed messages from society that sometimes cause us overlook our beauty and power. In addition to that, the struggles of life can be hard, even when you’re doing your best to keep things together. I wrote these affirmations for us. These are for the times when we are weak and ready to give up. I hope when you read these words your spirit is lifted and you find the strength and courage to keep going, despite the issues that you may be faced with.

I love my eyes, the curvature of my nose, my cheekbones and the fluffiness of my lips.

I love my sun-kissed brown skin.

I love the thickness of my thighs and roundness of my hips.

The pigment of my skin is a blessing not a curse.

I will not allow anyone to use my blackness to diminish my worth or make me feel less than.

— -

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