Companionship, Love and Sex

Some women grow up looking for a partner to take care of them. Someone to build them a home and a life they only need to show up for.

If that’s your goal, by all means, do you.

But for me, I don’t need that. My daddy taught me how to fight and protect myself if I ever need to.

What I need, however, is a good man. A man good enough to still love me even when I bring the heat. When my head is hard and my argument can’t be yanked from the grip of my teeth.

I want companionship. A warm shoulder to lay my head on when I’m tired.

Someone to hold my hand and take long walks with.

Someone with arms long enough to pull me close and hold up when I’m weak.

A voice of reason when I get hot and feel like slapping someone.

I want love. Love that is accepting and unconditional. The ride or die kind that never fades and forgives when it’s wronged.

I want sex. The good kind. The kind where I can’t tell the difference whether it’s in my thoughts or in real life. It’s just that damn good.

The kind that is beyond physical. The kind that never gets boring, old and feels like it’s the first time, every time

The kind that makes you want to go all night and all day long.

I want companionship, love, and sex.

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