Good Wives

A good wife caters to the men in our society, even sometimes at her own peril.

Though she may be tired from a long day of domestic or career work, she still finds the strength to cook, and even pleasure her man at the end of the night. Because she knows that it is her duty as a good wife.

A good wife knows to be silent when men raise their voices at her because she knows that good wives are not loud and disobedient.

Good wives wear worn out shoes, outdated clothes, and mismatched underwear.

A good wife forgets her dreams and aspirations because she knows he is first and she second.

A good wife applies makeup to all the bruises he punched in her face because everyone says she should submit.

A good wife fills and empties her womb as often as a water a dispenser because good wives were made to have children, right?

Good wives suffer in silence because no one wants to hear complaints about her husband.

Good wives smile and pretend everything is as good as it seems because the husband is taking care of the bills and making sure she has a roof over her head.

Good wives become deaf when other women call because everyone else including her husband says good wives aren’t jealous, insecure and clingy.

Good wives say yes to sex even when they don’t really want to because the husband owns her body, right?

Good wives are good because everyone doesn’t get the privilege of being asked for their hand in marriage, so she must count her blessings, right?

But what if, women said no? No to the idea that to be considered a good life partner does not also mean you have to suffer and give up your own sense of self and identity.

What if women said no marriages that brought with it misery?

No to marriages filled with so many children that they don’t have enough time to love and carefully nurture each one individually.

No to marriages where sex is not a task, but is pleasurable and enjoyed by both partners.

What if women said no to marriages that caused them to live in fear of being beaten?

No to marriages that did not allow them to grow, see their dreams come to life, nor allowed them to live their best lives.

What if women said no to marriages filled with infidelity, fights with other women and late nights wondering where their husbands were at and why they wouldn’t answer the phone.

What if women said no and didn’t settle for any of that shit, and said yes to marriages with partners that love, honor, cherish and found delight in being with them?

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