I Pray

I pray that someday soon I’ll know when it’s OK to let my heart out of its cage.

Let it roam freely in the weeds of unpredictability.

And still return home safely.

I pray that someday soon my questions about love and life will be closer to being answered.

Be able to say the words to you that makes me so afraid, and know that your ears and heart will openly receive them.

I pray that someday soon I’ll see that this moment that’s filled with uncertainty and despair is all worth it.

The ups and downs.

See the arguments about shit that don’t matter stop.

I pray that someday soon the salt of the air and my skin will be more than just casual acquaintances.

I pray that someday soon I’ll have more trust.

Give more love.

Listen more.

Care more.

Speak more.

Share more of me and still feel safe.

Stop running.

Stay longer.

Stop hiding.

And start living.

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