I Want to Be Your Video Vixen

I want to be the girl in the video who you can’t keep your eyes off of.

I want to the girl in the video who you met on the street, fell in the love with and introduced to your parents.

I want to the girl standing in the middle of the crowd whose eyes you are mesmerized by.

The one who your boys know you’ve fallen for and tease you about when I’m not around.

I want to be the girl who ends up hugging and kissing in slow motion.

I want to the girl who you keep dancing with even after the director says, thank you that’s a wrap.

I want to be the girl in the video who you woke up to after a long night of partying.

I want to the girl who has an ass that you can’t help but spank.

I want to be your video vixen…

Click here to listen and download the free audio version of the poem.

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