You Lied to Me

You told me that you’d love me forever.

That I was the only one that had you had eyes for.

You told me that a women like me was the treasure that you’d dreamed of one day finding.

That I was all you needed.

You said you could never cheat on me.

You said you longed to hold me close, kiss me, and never let go.

You said you respected women and could never fathom the thought of raising your fists to hit me.

You said you would protect me from anyone or anything that threatened to cause me harm.

You said I didn’t have to worry about you doing me dirty.

That I could put down my guard, love you with my heart and soul freely, and you’d do the same for me.

You said I could pack all my things, come and build with you because you would never leave me.

But you lied to me.

This feels like de Ja vu.

Funny thing is I didn’t expect this from you.

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