View from atop Craggy Gardens in Western North Carolina

The Mountain Valley Pipeline Project Represents a Danger to Appalachian Communities

We have unfortunately seen concrete causes for concern lately with gas pipelines, from the gasoline pipeline rupture in central Alabama to the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline, but now plans for a new natural gas pipeline in Appalachia are moving forward that will likely have severely negative consequences f0r communities around the Appalachian Trail in Virginia and West Virginia.

The proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline will be an interstate pipeline in West Virginia and Virginia that will carry fracked natural gas for over 300 miles, crossing parts of the Appalachian Trail.

Parts of the Mountain Valley Pipeline will also cross a designated seismic zone, increasing the chances of a pipeline rupture greatly. This would have a horrible impact on the local environment, wildlife, and communities, among other stakeholders.

The pipeline would also destroy thousands of acres of forest surrounding the AT, seriously detracting from the beautiful scenery and economically harming local communities that depend on the tourism that the AT attracts.

Visit the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s website for more information and for action steps you can take to oppose the pipeline now. Let’s protect our trails.

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