Recap of 2017

It’s that time of the year in which you need to look back and see what did you achieve and what not. In an Agile way, what you did good and what you could have done better.

What went well?

  • Finally found a flat where I can live alone, that increased my costs of living but allowed me to change challenges and having more control in my life.
  • Started learning German, even if I struggled and needed to drop
  • Re-started going to the gym
  • Started learning to cook for real (and not just simple stuff for surviving)

What needs improvement?

  • I struggled a lot with anxiety and related problem, I should start living more in the moment and less rethinking about past actions
  • I’m still to much attached to the bad stuff and I’m not seeing the good ones

Next year resolutions

  • Going back to 62kg, this time for real
  • Being able to sustain a simple conversation in german
  • Find happiness