The boring story of my life

Copying the excellent article from Giovanni here I am talking about my life, hopefully walking you through.

My life started in Genova, which if you click on the link seems really a beautiful place. What you don’t see are the mountains ahead of it that, the stairs to go from a street to another (most of the time you don’t have an elevator), combined with the fact that I was really young I didn’t played outside the home like normal people do.

This environment made me start a period which I discovered later that was depression at early stages. Keep that in mind.

Fast forwarding, at 13 I guess I moved with my parents to Pinerolo, a small city near Turin. That was one of the best things happened in my life, the problem was that my parent wanted to came to Genova every time they can (weekends, every vacation) so basically the firsts year I didn’t have time for making friends and you could’t have friends which were distant more than 200km before internet.

That mostly hurt me and fed my depression.

At some point I think what changed me were basically two thing happened, a friend of mine that was going through rough moments that helped me realise that my problem weren’t really that much huge and this helped me a lot. The second one was that at some point I wanted to have time going out with my girlfriend of the time and I said something stupid to my parents in order to don’t go to Genova.

That taught me one of the greatest lesson of my life. Send people to fuck off if you don’t want to do something, your happiness, and the one for the people you care of, is on on top, not someone else’s.

In the mean time when I was in Genova I wanted to do something, literally create something but I didn’t have a garage, I didn’t have a tool, the only thing I could think of to create stuff in a cheap way was the computer.

At 14 I go to my mother and I made them buy me The Holy Bible, this book is not just learning C, but learning the foundation of programming. I finally could create something in my Genova’s house and don’t pass the time in my bed or in front of the TV because remember, shitty place to live.

From now on I received an internet connection and I started learning everything related to programming, software security and some IT infrastructure.

At 17 I wanted a Macbook, a friend of mine pumped me, we need to make disappear some money because my mother was in a separation process from my father so I gain a Macbook and a car.

I’ve gone to this shop which I don’t know why even now, they also developed website and when I said that I wanted a macbook to develop stuff they offered me a free summer internship that I took because, fuck I’m 17 and I work (in reality I had some freelance clients from when I was 16).

The job place was shit but on there I met fantastic people and I started collaborating with one of them, it was the first time that I really faced production and responsibility. This and the fact that the first job was for a local government institute, I have nothing to regret.

While this collaboration I ended the high school with a medium score, started Engineering, failed Engineering after a year, started the university.

At the university I met a friend who made me in touch with the awesome guys at Tandù which welcomed me like a family, at that point having an income every month made me do the best decision of my life so far.

I’ve gone to live alone, best fucking decision of my life.

At the beginning was tough because I didn’t have a contract, I had a 6 month contract (from 2 months), packed my stuff knowing I could’t go back (it wasn’t totally my decision to leave my parent’s house, let’s politely say so) and the fist weeks were absolutely terrible from a mind prospective. I did’t have much money to live, I didn’t have gas to cook, I just had work and this kept me alive until my bosses started paying me a “life sustaining” salary, and then after 8 months a decent salary.

After a year I was seeking another opportunities, the one’s in Italy weren’t too good options, and the mentioned Giovanni was (and is at the time of writing) working for a job seeking platform so, starting as a game it ended 3 weeks ago that I moved in Berlin and I’m working for Helpling (not as a cleaner, we don’t employ cleaners).

The first few day were miserable, I stopped eating, passed my time to just hope that the day will pass. Then I started working, going out, realizing that now I have enough money to go to restaurants, have fun.

Now for the first time of my life I fully don’t have depression, I know that I’m fortunate to have what I have and I’m happy.

In conclusion, I’m not saying that you should go to the rough path always, my advice is just to take the good and the bad and turn your life in a better way, even when you’re failing or life is mad at you, kick life in the ass.

“When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your Damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!”

I mean, I still complain about stuff, I’m currently in an Airbnb room and this happens