This is my first time writing. What is the point in this? I’ve been asking and telling myself why, do I feel the need to write down my thoughts? It’s just because I know there are people out there with the same points as me but are scared of speaking them as they don’t want to be judged or labelled. But why does that matter to us? Why does the though of us being labelled make us shake and get all clammy? That I don’t know but I feel the need to climb on to a roof and just tell everybody who has been labelled or is scared of what label they will be given, to just not think or worry about.

Labels are meaningless and the only reason they are given out is the fact that the people who give and sometimes receive them feel better about them selves for make other people lose all self respect. But the actual thing is they don’t matter and in the great scheme of things neither do we. It’s simple we all live breath and wonder about what is out there and why we are living dreaming and wondering but there is no point as we will never fully discover what is out there and why we are here. We all live to die so we give labels to receive them but handing them out just cuts down on our population.

I will continue this and write it better over time.

-an unsociable cow who has a pointless opinion

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