What Do You think of the New Infinite Drift Synopsis?

​Mindboggling cosmology. Rogue holograms. Unrequited love. Corporate Espionage. Lesbian vampires. Radical manifestos. Infinite Drift is equal parts sarcastic and foreboding, the ultimate techie genius rags-to-riches story of Dr. Eggers Mortensen, who, with one elegant equation, propels the world into a new era of cosmological understanding and himself to the highest echelon of global business and society’s glamorous one percent. Eggers begins the novel in the anonymous austerity of a backwoods cabin in northern Maine, singularly committed to his world-changing cosmological ideas — that is, if he can find the missing link. When his quirky and adventurous college flame, Tempora, bursts back into his life, prodigal physicist, Jasmine Geckle, in tow, Eggers’ theoretical project is launched into a practical and lucrative reality, but all groundbreaking new technologies have their drawbacks. While embracing his new status as tech genius and co-founder of X+ Corporation, Eggers must come face-to-face with the potential long-term consequences of his discoveries and those that actively oppose his efforts.

Before we make the synopsis official, we want to hear what our readers and writers think about the new synopsis. Spot anything funny? Anything you’d edit?

Editing and publishing is always a group effort!

Originally published at www.unsolicitedpress.com.

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