Introducing: Unsplash Wallpapers

Our new Mac and Android apps bring thousands of magical moments to your background screen every day.

Sep 28, 2017 · 3 min read

Taking the perfect photo is a bit like conjuring magic. The moment you click that button, it’s only natural for things to go wrong. The light bends against your wishes. The subject slips out of focus. The models tire and sunlight fades. Even on good days — an SD card fills up, or a battery unexpectedly dies.

Which is why we’re so consistently awestruck at Unsplash. How do Unsplash contributing photographers capture so much staggering beauty — and with such incredible regularity, too? Are they actual magicians? If you strike up a conversation with one of them (like we are fortunate enough to get to do) you realize it all comes down to a love for capturing moments.

Celebrating the power of every photo given on Unsplash is our mission. Our aim is to push the impact of photography far and wide. So far we’ve done this mainly through our website and our API. Today, we add a new channel: Unsplash Wallpapers for Mac and Android.

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Unsplash Wallpapers for Mac making it super simple to find and preview new wallpapers

Of all the ways that Unsplash photos get used, the biggest one is definitely wallpapers. ‘Black mirrors’ are everywhere so it’s no wonder one of our most popular Unsplash collections is for desktop wallpaper and iOS/Android lock screen art. We wanted to make the process of getting Unsplash wallpaper even easier — skipping the manual labour of downloading photos and playing with your screen settings.

So today we’re launching a tiny but powerful wallpaper app for Mac and Android. Here’s how to use it:

  • Click (or tap) the Unsplash Wallpapers app
  • Pick a photo
  • Ba-boom! Fresh wallpaper.

Two clicks (or taps 🙃) — that’s it!

In the app preferences, you can choose whether you want your Unsplash wallpaper to refresh automatically every day, week, or never. You can easily thumb through the best of Unsplash’s photo collection to pick a personal favourite, or we can curate your wallpaper for you. We want to delight you with a new magical moment — whenever you need it. And so do Unsplash contributors photographers.

So here’s to those who stick it out on the rainy days. The ones who brave the frigid mountaintops. The ones who refuse to go home when the tide goes out. And the creators who make it all look so, so effortless. By downloading Unsplash Wallpapers you not only will beautify your screens but you’ll also support the great contributions Unplash photographers have made.

For every swipe, tap, click, and keystroke — there’s inevitably some wallpaper behind it. Starting today, that wallpaper is going to be extra special.

Get a dose of delight with Unsplash Wallpapers: now available on Mac and Android.

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PS: an Unsplash app for iPhone and iPad is also on the way — but it’ll be more fully-featured than our current Mac and Android apps. Because of iOS app restrictions, we can’t refresh wallpapers automatically. So treat yourself to some gorgeous iOS wallpapers as we build you a more powerful app. Stay tuned ❤️

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