Notes From a Creative Journey — 2019 Week 11

I keep pointing my magic rectangle at the cat and he continues to hate it

What I’m Excited About

Spring is going to be here soon. There’s nothing like the vibrant green and chartreuse of spring.

Did you know many artists avoid painting spring scenes because it often looks fake?

What I’m Working On

Travel notes from a creative journey — 2019 week 10

Detail from Tree of Light, oil on photographic print (2019)

Ah. Time change weekend. The weekend where we ask, “Where did the time go?” even more than usual.

Excuse me, but I think I’d do really good things with that hour, and I’d like it back.

I can’t believe we’re less than a fifth through the year. Doesn’t January feel like a lifetime ago? I don’t know, maybe that purloined hour is tripping up my sense of time, like a schoolyard bully.

What I’m Excited About

This is my fifth weekly studio update in five weeks.

(Four, Three, Two, One)

2019 Week 9

Upcycled paintings — artwork turned into hoots

I have a day job as a teacher’s aide, which I’m convinced helps to keep me young and entertained. But, when I’m working hard, my thoughts often stage an elaborate jail break featuring a trained pigeon, a spoon, and rugged determination to catch my attention. This was one of those weeks where my own internal bugaboos just kept on popping up.

What I’m Excited About

Weeks ago, I experimented with doing the first steps of creating a new pendant while I was working on my morning pages (a daily journal). …

Hello, anxiety.

Photo by Riccardo Fissore on Unsplash

Hello, I’m an early career artist and I’m still trying to make sense of how to shape 2019.

Right now we’re having a brutal windstorm. Last time we had winds this high I lost power for over a week and my microwave blew out. The cat is refusing to talk to me. I’m sitting in the corner and listening to branches land on my roof.

What I’m excited about:

I’m struggling with excitement right now. My anxiety had been very high. It’s difficult to get excited when everything feels like a lion in the room.

What I’ve learned:

What I’m learning

Photo by Joe Green on Unsplash

2018 was The Year of Transition. I thought I’d be able to share all I was learning in my online gallery, but I eventually realized communication is like garlic. A little more is usually a good idea. Just kidding — a lot more is a good idea.

I still am not sure how to shape 2019. The Year of Routines? The Year of Writing a Metric Boatload? The Year of Wishing I Was Napping?

Any ideas?

What I’m excited about:

I’m trying a variation of THIS 8 week schedule. Instead of 8 weeks, I’m doing six weeks…

Travel notes from a creative journey.

Upcycled artwork in a jewelry kit (owl pendant)

Hello, I’m Abigail and I’m an early career visual artist in New York state with a full time job and a love of writing. I try to explore personal growth and nostalgia in my work.

2018 was The Year of Transition. And I did learn a metric overload in a year. I also had a migraine for about 8 weeks, discovered the joys of reusing old artwork, and met some amazing people. I thought through sharing my work I’d be able to communicate all that.

But you know what? Blogging exists for a reason.

What I’ve been reading

Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash

The Joys of Jewish Preserving: Modern Recipes with Traditional Roots, for Jams, Pickles, Fruit Butters, and More — for Holidays and Every Day

by Emily Paster

What it is: It’s a book of (mostly) small batch preserving with a Jewish twist.

Why I picked it up: My dad picked up an uncorrected proof for me at a book sale.

What I thought: I have several preserving books. I like them, but I’d have to preserve weekly in order to get through all the recipes I already want to try. I wasn’t too eager to add more to the queue. But honestly, a lot of these recipes will move to the front of the line. …

What I’ve been reading

Photo by Zack Silver on Unsplash

I’m an early career artist, and I’m doing my best to teach myself everything I need to know for a creative career. Here’s a glimpse at what I’m reading for personal growth and for fun.

Selling Art Online: The Creative Guide to Turning Your Artistic Work into Cash — Second Edition

By Dave Conrey

What it is: An overview of the different web-based ways you can sell two dimensional works, once you have high quality digital images.

Why I picked it up: It was easily available for my Kindle and I make creative work that is available online. Seemed like a good fit.

What I thought: A good overview of several online…

2018 is the year I’m relearning what it means to be a creative person.

When I was 9 or 10, I had a fluffy tiered skirt made out of opalescent fabric. It shimmered between green and purple, and I felt like a magical fairytale adventurer every time I wore it.

I would often hold the fabric in my hands, twisting it this way and that, watching how smoothly the colors transitioned from one hue to the next. Instead of being awkward and painful, as many transitions felt to me, it was magical.

I am in a state of transition, now.

Medium: Oil on Paper
Size: 5 inches x 5 inches
Price: $40.00 USD (slightly bent paper)
Availability: Available

I often paint apples in quads. I get confident near the end- but when I begin the new painting? Apples are back to being difficult.

So why would I paint a red delicious apple in shades of sage, fir, and chartreuse? Why not take the easy way, and paint a red apple red?

Abigail Epstein

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