Place to Express your True Emotions

Have you ever thought that you will be able to get a social platform to express your true emotions or feelings to someone without any fear or hesitation? Yes, you can with the unsspoken application. Till now, no social media provides such advantage or facility but now you can try that too. It’s time to say goodbye to boring social media applications and say hello to the new world of unsspoken. This new world will help you to say yours truest or deepest emotions to anyone you feel like without hesitation.

Isn’t it amazing to be anonymous on social media? Majority of us have some thoughts, emotions or feelings which we can’t express over social media with our original identity as it will lead to further questioning on our social image or character. But now you can speak anonymously over social media without any fear of image questioning. Moreover, you can also get to know what others think about you. Post, like or comment anonymously is the ultimate and latest facility one can ever get over social media. To convey your feelings or emotions in an appropriate way is in our hand!

This means that one can only be anonymous with unsspoken? No absolutely not! We at unsspoken keep customer’s concern or need at the top; for this we have a feature providing user with two identities: one being original and other being anonymous. So don’t worry about losing your original identity in social world. If you feel like that this particular post or comment should be made with anonymous identity then switch to anonymous otherwise post or comment with your original identity. You can switch to anonymous identity whenever you feel like with just one swap or click, that’s all you have to do!

Like any other social media app, unsspoken also gives you the advantage of tagging your friends. But there is a modification in that too! You can not only tag your friends on any post or comment but also in some stereotypical traits or sentences. You can invite your other friends too who are not a user on unsspoken.

Freedom does come with restrictions! As there is so much freedom given to the user, the power of freedom can be misused in any way. Safety and security of users is our top priority. There is a feature provided called “flag mechanism”. In this feature there are 3 flags that appear on user’s post, they are named as glass, yellow and red flag respectively. Glass flag allow the user to block someone from posting or commenting on the particular post for few hours, yellow flag will block someone from commenting or posting on that particular post for few days and red flag will permanently block someone from posting or commenting on that particular post till the user unblocks it.

It’s a kind of digital secret media which secretly convey or transfers your true and deep emotions, thoughts or feelings to someone or to the world of social media. So let’s get started with this latest and amazing idea and have fun in completely different social world where you have no restrictions of sharing your thoughts, feelings or emotions!