Dear Karen

A little tingle that sneaks up on me

And makes me laugh in mirth and mania

Inspirer of new fables of the world we dream together

Under thought and through emotions,

Beside the frame of freedom found.

Desire designs its destiny in you the one I love.

Help me refind a magic place

Where we talked of once before...

Of a little lost bunny and a wall with an invisible window.



Lucid Fog

Drifting in a slow haze...

Connecting with stilled hunger and smoldering embers.

Deeper and deeper in joy I fall...

Lightly as a glittering snowflake into...

Almost rest..

Almost restlessness...

Remembering and remembering.

Hoping against hope.
Dreaming against dream.

Neither there nor here,

Betwixt a question and a name.