JottaCloud Coupon Codes.

Jottacloud has proved to be one of the best and safest cloud service providers. It is designed in a manner that it completely supports customer security. This is a Norway-based service provider thus does not require to follow the US laws such as the Patriot Act or even any other country’s data security laws.

While you will be going through the Jottacloud review, you will observe that how this service has become famous and what makes it outstanding in the market in terms of cloud storage service provider.

Jottacloud Coupon Codes

Jottacloud Should Be Used By Whom?

According to our opinion, Jottacloud gives away the best service if you think regarding free service facility. The services offered by Jottacloud are trustworthy. The quality of the service is quite brilliant if compared with other storage service provider.

Jottacloud does not offer much storage space in its free plan. Users prefer Jottacloud instead of many services just to increase the storage capacity in the cloud. If you combine cloud storage services, you can get up to 100 GB of free storage capacity. The only difficulty level is that you would have to create a different account for different app.

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Review In Accordance To Cross — Platform Functionality

Jottacloud maintains to stand out amongst some storage services whenever it comes regarding cross- platform functionality. Jottacloud provides backup storage services to all Norwegians apps for Macs and Windows computers. They can also provide software for iOS, Windows mobile devices, and Android. Sadly, this is an exception nowadays, regardless of the fact that most users own tablets and windows phone.

Desktop Assimilation

You can reach out to Jottacloud via using The first thing you will notice on the page is a download button. It comes up with an excellent desktop functionality like providing with a separate folder which will be visible on your desktop or Mac’s file explorer.

Synchronization with Jottacloud

While going through many online reviews, we have come up with the fact that the synchronization speeds is not up to the level. For better speed sync you must look forward to the alternate to the Jottacloud

More about Jottacloud.

It got established in 2008 in Norway. The company was named after yottabyte which means one trillion terabytes. The company is Oslo-based, an Ovre Slottsgate at street number 5. The company includes 12 members who are devoted to securing cloud storage services.

Storage Features Provided By Jottacloud Regarding Backup

Jottacloud services are proposed for backup. In its free plan package, it offers only 5 gigabytes which you should use for only necessary files storage. But for the users who go for the paid subscription, they will have access to as much as enough space that they can have a backup of almost the whole computer.

Jottacloud Regarding Security

The data storage is done under Norwegian copyright law. So security is ensured no matter what. The company itself also takes responsibility for its user’s data. So you can easily, without giving any second thought store your data. This is the best service provider for the users for whom security is an essential feature.

Jottacloud Coupon Codes

Pricing Information — Jottacloud

Being a European company all the packages are in euros. That’s why the services provided by Jottacloud are at slightly expensive than the average cost. For the basic package or unlimited plan or any business plan, you would have to pay around 7.5 euros per month which are equal to $101 per year or $8.5 per month.

Support Service of Jottacloud

For any additional information, you can log in to the official website of Jottacloud. On the first page, it has support or helpdesk where you can get solutions to your queries. The Jottacloud team gives 24 * 7 support service. Practically you won’t require much support.

At the End

Overall, Jottacloud proves to be a great alternative to Dropbox. It offers all the basic syncing and cloud sharing features. Nerds would love it as they can take backup of their NAS devices. Easy to use and provides easy access to your files on your smartphone.

Thus, overall I can say that Jottacloud is surely a DEAL OFFER with such powerful features. Avail the coupons and get further discounts!

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