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Oct 29 · 4 min read

This review will be in English since I’m not that good on Polish. But I know that many of you who reads this will be from Poland so I named it Untoxin Opinie.

Here I will tell you all about my experience with Untoxin and what results I got from using it.

Let me first introduce myself.

My name is Linda and before I started using Untoxin, I had tried many different products for detoxing.

The problem with many products that cleanses your bowels is that they often give you stomach pain and other unwanted results.

Why I chose Untoxin

Well, I was hearing a lot of good things about it and was recommended by a friend of mine that had been using it when she was doing a detox.

Since this is detoxing, you don’t really have to use it for such a long time, so even if these products tend to cost a bit, you won’t be needing to use them more than you feel like.

When I detoxed, I did it for two weeks…

Some people do it longer, others only for a week, and that’s totally up to you!

The good thing about Untoxin is that you know that all the slag products from your body will be rinsed out.

The 5 best things about Untoxin

Here I will list the 5 of the things that I think is best about the product.

  • I was feeling a lot less tired only after a couple of days
  • My usual brain fog all of a sudden went away (usually I need coffee x 10)
  • I actually lost 10 pounds (4.5kg) even if that wasn’t my main goal
  • I could sleep without taking sleeping pills (first time in years)

Overall, I think that the product have many positive effects, and during my time, I couldn’t really see any side effects.

The only side effect could be if you don’t want to lose extra weight for some reason. Luckily I had some to spare. Lol :D

Here are a short review from another happy girl

Untoxin Cena | Czy Warto?

The price of one bottle is 189 zł and get’s cheaper the more bottles you buy. That the usual deal I guess. They want you to buy more.

However, I recommend that you might start with one bottle and IF you think that they work for you, you can always buy more right?

The first time I ordered, I bought one bottle.

Like I said, I have tried a couple of other different detox products and some I liked and some I couldn’t use because of the stomach pain I got.

I fell in love with Untoxin since I didn’t get any side effects from it.

Untoxin Opinie Wniosek

I give Untoxin my both thumbs up since I myself think it’s by far the best product for detoxing out there. It uses natural ingredients and is fairly priced.

If you want to read more about it, you could do so at their official website

I give it 4 out of 5

They could make it available in stores, so you could actually go and grab a bottle at your closest pharmacy or something like that.

However, that may be the only negative thing I can say about the product.

I hope that you liked this Untoxin Opinie and again, sorry for not being able to write in polish. I’m not quite there yet.

Take care!

/ Linda

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