The Fine Brothers Controversy Explained
Hank Green

I don’t think the reaction was excessive at all based on 3 indisputable facts:

  1. The fine brother have been very aggressive in taking down videos as well as publicly shaming anyone who dares to steal their format in the past. They’ve even resorted to passive aggressive intimidation tactics like the veiled threat email detailed recently by Youtube content creator Brady Haran, on a podcast he does with CGP Gray called Hello Internet. The FineBros willingness to go to the mat over this issue is well established.
  2. In order for a trademark to be enforceable they would have to enforce it consistently and aggressively or it eventually loses legal standing. This means that if they want to keep that trademark they are REQUIRED to take videos down.
  3. Youtube’s system of take downs and copyright claims is very broken and revoltingly easy to abuse.

This is simple math. they are willing to steam roll people and a trade mark will only further motivate them to not only keep doing it but do it more frequently and more aggressively. Combine this with your own revelation that Youtube gives top level creators like the FineBros a broad latitude to take down whatever they want and the Finebros demonstrable willingness to abuse that power and you have a very scary situation. Maybe in the moment they meant well, but if they hadn’t been stopped now, 2 years on we would have been watching a very different game play out and you’d have to be willfully blind and ignorant to not see it. This was a clear case of killing Dr. Frankenstein before his monster got loose on the townsfolk.

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