Loyalty Live Blockchain Conference: A ‘Rewarding’ Experience For All

This past October 16–18 2018, the Untraceable team organized Loyalty Live -the first conference in the world to bridge the gap between the multi-billion dollar Loyalty and Rewards Industry with the emerging Blockchain revolution. It was obvious that both sides were eager to learn more about each other and see the benefits they could provide each other.

We were lucky enough to have the support from the trailblazing blockchain company DigitalBits who has attended and sponsored our events in the past like Polycon and Futurist. The DigitalBits team were firm believers in the concept of this event and the interest that people would have. They were right. We began reaching out to a wide range of companies on both sides — the loyalty rewards people referred to blockchain as a ‘buzzword’ but were very intrigued on learning hands on about this new technology that would disrupt their entire industry. The blockchain people are always willing to learn about the niche industries it will impact and are always eager to teach and grow the community through events.

We had 250+ attendees and 50+ speakers from all around the world, we’re talking Australia, Japan, Canada, Slovenia and many more all came down to Chicago, USA to make this event the success that it was. Topics like ‘Blockchain the Next Loyalty Disruptor’, ‘Investing in Blockchain Technology’, and ‘Can Blockchain Really Work Alongside Traditional Loyalty Programs & What Will This Mean For The Non-Adopters?’ Were just a few of the many valued topics all with brilliant speakers to present them such as Vice Chairman of Alchemist Jeff Pulver, former CMO of Walmart Julie Lyle, and author of the book Blockchain Loyalty Philip Shelper.

We are thrilled at the feedback we received from all who attended this highly anticipated conference. Untraceable has always been a firm believer in events as being on of the most effective ways to learn about any industry. Having the loyalty rewards space feeling in the dark and eager to learn anything about blockchain was an easy sell and having the blockchain industry influencers always happy teach and expand this new world — this was a perfect event to help everyone out.

We hope to continue organizing events in the blockchain space to expand the horizons of industries all over the world. Whether it is simply explaining the basics at our blockchain bootcamp, showing hands on what it can do specifically, or proving if and how it will be a disruptor in any aspect are just some of topics that will need to be covered over the next 5 years.