Untraceable Organizes Blockchain Futurist Conference … Transforms Toronto Mega Nightclub into a 3 Day Blockchain Festival

Untraceable Blockchain Events
8 min readAug 24, 2018


The Untraceable team announced Blockchain Futurist Conference on May 31st, 2018. That gave us 10 weeks. In the normal world, people said we were out of our minds. In the crypto world — it’s the only way things are done.

It started off with a vision — to execute the largest and most high-profile blockchain conference in Canada by bringing together companies, investors, developers, researchers, international leaders, and influencers from around the globe to discuss and debate the future of blockchain technology. Our first step? The venue — Rebel Entertainment Complex located in Toronto’s Polson Pier. We knew a simple conference venue wouldn’t do — our goals were ambitious, and our thinking and planning had to match our ambition. Boasting one of the most beautiful views of Toronto, we envisioned this dynamic space to be the Utopia for the ultimate blockchain event. The space needed to be versatile for our objectives to be met. Multiple speaker sessions, a bootcamp, an expo, networking as well as interacting at the same time — simultaneously, coherently and seamlessly. With 45,000 square feet of space, 3 stages, a 50 million dollar sound and lighting system, and some clever organization on the part of our team, we were able to bring it to life. The feedback from the conference has been astoundingly positive — attendees were able to fully enjoy and take advantage of everything, from the speakers, panels, bootcamp to the lively expo that extended the 3 day event. We were able to truly build a sense of crypto community across the city of Toronto.

Next were the speakers. Speakers are like million dollar Superbowl ads for a blockchain event. With thousands of blockchain events in the year, speakers are one the most effective ways to decipher which events are worth your while. Charles Hoskinson (Founder of IOHK, Founder of Cardano, Co-Founder of Ethereum) was one of the first to come on board. As a friend of Untraceable, he believed in our vision and knew we could finally make a name for Toronto in the blockchain space. Having 5 years of experience running blockchain events internationally, our team was able to garner the support of over 120 incredible thought leaders in the crypto space. Slowly, one by one, our speaker roster became extraordinary. Should we talk about Larry King? An icon known throughout the ages with one of the most recognizable voices in the world, was going to be on OUR stage. Some other notable speakers included Anthony Di Iorio of Decentral and JAXX, Matthew Roszak of Bloq, Al Burgio of Digitalbits, Amber Scott of Outlier, Matthew Spoke of AION, and Michael Perklin of ShapeShift. We would like to thank all of our speakers for taking the time to come out, contributing to the conversation, and sharing their expertise at Futurist.

Larry King, Charles Hoskinson, Justin Wu, Al Burgio, and Matthew Roszak on a day 1 panel discussing Mass Influence and Adoption of Blockchain Technology

The next piece for this ambitious event were the sponsors. When running an inaugural event, sponsors can be a challenge to retrieve as they have to have complete faith in the organizers that we will represent their company effectively. When there are thousands of these events within the year, companies must carefully choose which ones they feel will reach the right audience both in quantity and quality. We are therefore incredibly grateful to all of our sponsors. Our four title sponsors — Digitalbits, Genesis, SLATE, and VERSES had their own unique separate events within the conference which were incredibly successful and garnered amazing feedback from attendees. Digitalbits held the epic VIP dinner, Genesis owned the VIP room, VERSES held a wicked 1st night networking event and SLATE hosted a buzzing Cabana party on the closing night. To our platinum sponsors, Hosho, GEAR, OTC Desks, and Tokenize-IT — we could not have run this event without you. And all of our gold, silver, bronze, and exhibiting — Untraceable and all attendees appreciate your support for these events and building the community would not be possible without you. THANK YOU.

Finally, the attendees. We won’t lie, we were nervous at first. Rebel Entertainment Complex has a huge capacity — meaning we would need a minimum of 1000 to do the space justice. But we wanted quality, and not just quantity in our attendees. Untraceable decided to call on all of the community partners and influencers in the space to come represent themselves and invite their networks to contribute to a supreme audience. We also had over 70 media partners to help spread the word before, during, and after the event. Thank you to all attendees, influencers, community partners and media partners for helping to create a memorable experience for all.

Untraceable has been running blockchain and crypto events since 2013, and we can see, first hand how events like these can have a lasting impact within the community. You can watch all the YouTube tutorials and read all the articles you like, but having someone in front of you, teaching you about their technology or token will more than likely be the best way to learn, spread the word and start a ripple. We had talented speakers and top notch exhibitors to share their info with our superb audience. Whether you learned something from a speaker, a booth representative, or the person standing next to you, we are sure you came out of there with more information than you had coming in, and we encourage you to share what you now know with someone else. This is what it is going to take to truly grow the community effectively.

Blockchain Futurist Conference exceeded all our expectations. We could not be happier with the turn out and the overwhelming positive feedback we received. We hope to have inspired all the attendees to continue being involved in the space, and hope to see more effective events around the world where it means people are learning and having a great time. We would like to thank everyone for coming out, our wonderful city Toronto, and the whole blockchain and crypto community for keeping it alive.

Our upcoming event is Loyalty Live taking place October 16–18 2018 at JW Marriott Chicago, USA. We’re bringing together the next era of blockchains at the intersect of enterprise, big . data, payments, and loyalty rewards. Click here to for more info and to register now! Email us at events@untraceableinc.com for any questions, comments, or to get informed on all our upcoming events!