Better Management For 2016 !

Let’s welcome 2016 with great dreams and bigger goals. And for small teams like ours, let’s be more organised too. The new year started with some of the TO DOs lists. Being a design agency, one of the top priorities on the list is to have a better management system in our world wide scattered team. Here are some fantastic took, some of them we are using in the past year and some are the new introduction this year. Let’s have a look..



For my team, this certainly proved to be one of the best app for To Do records. To Dos are very primary step for any long term planning and with Wunderlist, it has became really more productive. Manly because it has better integration with browsers and mobile phones. With single login, the records can be synced across platforms. So keep taking notes on go and review it while desk. Moreover, I can share the records with my team, let them be the part of the planing process.


Asana — Move Work Forward

I believe a better project management system is very necessary for better project planning and execution in a very timely manner. In the year of 2015, we made few trial and errors with few pms systems. We were searching for an all in one solution and that to not much costly. As a small team, we can not afford to pay any pms for experiments. Asana seems a solution with multiple features. And moreover, its free (atleast with limited features). But I think it will work for us and we shall carry forward this in 2016.

Inbox by Google for Phones

Inbox By Google — For Phones

Using the inbox for gmail for desktops may not be a good solution but using it into iPhone & android can be the good one. As an iPhone user, the typical system mail app was much boring, thus I was using Mailbox by Dropbox. But sadly, they are going to discontinue it in by the end of February, so I was left with nothing other than finding a sexy solution for reading mails on my iPhone. Have a look yourself and explore more possibilities for mail tracking in the app.

Google Docs & Sheets

Google Docs, Sheets & Slides

Last but not the least are google docs and sheets. In the year 2015, we face few security threats and system crashes. And I found it very hard to recover my important document records and client communication. And finally we decided to take most of the things to google docs and things are becoming more secured now. Moreover, these can be a very helpful and handy tool for project planning too. Whatever you discuss with your client (specially when there is a skype meeting), take all the records on Google doc and share it with client for conformation. This can really save much of your time which can be due to any possible understanding gap.

This is all I had to share, I am sure you have few more and much better options for organising stuffs in better way, keep it posting in comments. Thanks for reading…