Towards a Bra-free Instagram Experience
Lauren Hallden

As a male user of Instagram (and obviously recognised as male by Facebooks unyielding algorithms) I was shocked by how many of these ads my girlfriend has in her feed.

Facebook correctly knows I like to travel, so I’m seeing a lot of these. While they might make me yearn for foreign shores they sure as hell won’t depress me as much as looking at a bunch of half-clothed, ripped tan guys would do.

It’s also so weird to me that Facebook / Instagram (with some other multi billion US$ companies) are trying to foist the whole “body is evil” mentality on us with all the censoring the female body in a few very small areas but then on the same hand show off men and women as 98% naked on every second picture. As a human being that is fine with having a body I find this double standard depressing.

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