Day 1 (February 16, 2017): Montserrat and Antigua Fieldtrip

Great news everyone, we have landed safely in Montserrat and will staying at the beautiful Olveston House on Penny Lane. Our adventure began with a flight to Antigua. It was an early morning flight and I unfortunately fell victim to being caught sleeping!

Hello! Photo credit Amy Myers.

Once we landed in Antigua, we had to take another flight over to Montserrat in a Britten-Norman Islander aircraft. We got some great views of the Caribbean Island Arc Chain, the Coral Reefs off the coast of Antigua, and the Soufriere Hills.

Caribbean Island Arc Chain view from the flight to Antigua. Photo credit Amy Myers
Coral Reefs off the coast of Antigua. View from the Britten-Norman aircraft. Photo credit Amy Myers.
Soufriere Hills volcano seen in the distance. View from the Britten-Norman aircraft. Photo credit Will McNeice.
Intimate seating on the Britten-Norman aircraft. Photo credit Joshua Nguyen.

Upon arrival on Montserrat, Charles Daly drove us to Olveston House. He will be our driver for the duration of our stay here. Everyone took the night to get settled in and relaxed with a quick swim.

Our first of many group dinners. Photo credit Jason Hinde.

Tomorrow will be our first day in the field. It will be an introduction to the active subduction-related arc and the active Soufriere Hills andesite volcano. We plan to visit Garibaldi Hill, where some islands from the arc will be visible; the Belham River Valley, which is filled with laharic material; St. George’s Hill, where a geothermal system is being drilled; the Centre Hills, which is an andesitic volcanic centre covered by a rain forest; the famous Waterworks Estate House from Adam Stinton’s photo of a pyroclastic flow; Air Studios, where the Rolling Stones, Paul and Linda McCartney, The Police, and others have recorded songs/albums; and Old Road Bay. Looks to be an educational first day.

Stayed tuned for more entries :)

~ written by Joshua Nguyen

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