UTSK8ers | Spooktober Halloween Skate Night Review

— — — and that brings a perfect ending to the TUTSC Halloween Squid Game Special Event!

Exciting games, thrilling competition

Are these skaters friends or enemies?

Let’s take a look at the final result of the TUTSC Squid Game

And see who the final winner is……


Part 1: Green Light, Red Light

Remember the first game Green light Red Light in Squid Game?

Remember those people who are falling down, and those screams??

YESSS! The first game in our Halloween event is also Green Light Red Light!

But our rules are slightly different from the rules in Squid Game: participants can move forward by skateboard or on foot. Karna is the one who says “stop” and turns around, anyone who is still moving after Karna turns around will be eliminated. The first person who touches Karna’s shoulder will be the winner.

Just like Squid Game, our game is full of anxiety and screams…… Just kidding! Participants are happy and excited, everyone wants to run to Karna and be the winner! Unfortunately, due to Karna’s quick action, many people fail to stay still when Karna turns, so they are eliminated with tears.

Eventually, Julie runs through the crowd and becomes the winner! Hooray! Congratulations Julie! She got 70MM 80A Longboard living wheels (worth $55). Thanks to LONGBOARD LIVING!

Part 2: Racing Game

The second game (board curling) is an adaptation of the marble throwing game between Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong from the squid game episode Ggambu!

Like the squid games, each participant finds a partner to play this game. For our game, each player would push their partner in the direction of the finish line, such that they would be as close to it as possible. Going over the finishing line would mean disqualification!

For this game, our winners impressively used carving and turning to reduce momentum and landed right in front of the finishing line, securing their victory!

The pair of winners received matching graphic-T from longboard living along with bragging rights that they survived the squid games! Congratulations!

Part 3: S.K.8

S.K.A.T.E battle is definitely the most classic competition in skateboarding! Firstly, one player goes for a trick, and the rest of the players must follow the player1. If the player fails to follow the do tricks successfully, it will be regarded as losing a letter from S.K.A.T.E. Players who lose all their letters will be eliminated, and the skater who can stay until the end will win the competition.

There are 5 amazing skaters in this game! Let’s see how outstanding they are!

The Final winner is Grey! He won the deck of Longboard Living!

The second place is Joseph! He got the elbow pads sponsored by Longboard Living and appreciation from Squid Game judges.

Part 4: Costume Competition

The most exciting part of Halloween must be — COSTUME CONTEST! Let’s see how creative everybody is!

The Top four players won gift cards from Machi Machi North York!

The Top four players won gift cards from Machi Machi North York! We love milk teas!


Have you felt the spark from the combination between skateboarding and Halloween?

Thanks again to the friends who came to the event, also big thanks to those who are supporting us on the other side of the screen.


Thanks to Longboard Living, for providing various skating prizes;

Thanks to Machi Machi North York, for providing tasty Black milk tea, hope you got to taste the amazing milk teas;

Special thanks to Lizi and Gali, for ordering pizzas!

Photo Credit to:

Camille, Liam, Chau

Article Editors:

Winnie, Evan, Cindy, Alice

Thanks to every executive member in the club and every player!

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