Books and movies like good art works are stories staring at you from a gallery wall. Sometimes you can look at their expression and perceive yourself. Sometimes you can read through the pages and know yourself. Sometimes you can see through their characters and hear yourself.

A prominent soda commercial in India has the tag line “Dar ke aage jeet hai” or “success lies on the other side of fear”.

After years of procrastination, I’m starting something new. This is a small way to keep my to focus on writing more. It is a small way to make myself transcend the fear of writing because of the fear of bad writing. I know many of you know what I am talking about. At least I hope you do.

I decided to write book and movie reviews as the starting point here since I believe I am a critic at heart. So this comes naturally to me. Every new year I make a long list of books I want to read. Even though the list keeps getting longer and longer through the year, by the end of the year I hope I have read at least half of the books. I realized recently I didn’t remember which books I read and can recommend so this is also a great way to put them together.

I have also loved movies for as long as I can remember. I would wake up till early hours of the morning watching the latest flick with my brother. Most of Hollywood’s latest movies wouldn’t release in India for a long time or didn’t at all. So we would scramble to get the latest movies and find lists of movies we should be watching. Later in life, since movies away from home in India, movies became a big part of my life – sometimes as escape and sometimes for the pure art form of it.

Having lived in multiple places I also became more aware of cultural nuances and made a thorough effort of reading local literature and watching local movies in the country I was in. This opened up a new way to see the world and a new way to critique it as well. Although I couldn’t understand language nuances but I could attempt to see beyond the words on the page or the screen. I am now lucky enough to live in New York City — the home to so many movie plots and TV shows. There are movie shoots going on around the corner if you walk long enough in this City. Just yesterday Melissa McCarthy was rolling on the streets here. The opportunity to not only see the latest flick, but to also be a part of one sometimes makes me question how I got here.

Through this blog I now hope to combine my three loves – books, movies and writing. I hope the passion I share for these three things will transcend from the page and also help you choose your next movie or your next book.

Follow my journey and I will actively turn your attention on books that are less popular and movies that are offbeat so you are able to go beyond the norm.

P.S. Read my 2017 book list here.

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