The Commonplace in Israel/Palestine

While in Israel/Palestine, I barely took any photos, but most of those that I did take were of the commonplace. I was interested in understanding what the daily life looks like for the residents of each area. I believe that one’s line of thought, worldview, and personal experience of reality, are all not only conditioned by one’s immediate surroundings and upbringing, but also have major implications on one’s future actions. According to me, trying to understand the daily life experience of the citizens of each region is fundamental in facilitating any intellectual, political, cultural or social interaction with them. Therefore, these are things I automatically looked out for during my time in Israel and the West Bank, and along the way, I took some photos to share on the blog. The photos are not high quality — they were taken with a phone camera (and sometimes from a moving bus), but I think they convey what I meant them to. I have added a caption for a few, but mostly left them open to interpretation.

All of the above is graffiti found in Ramallah, Palestine. Photos taken from a moving bus. Definitely the leading cause of a nightmare I had the following night when we camped out in the desert under the stars (on a lighter note, Gal would say that since I didn’t sleep until it was already light, it wasn’t really a nightmare..).

Jewish Orthodox children on Shabbat in Jerusalem
Trilanguage signs and traffic signs like these are found everywhere in Israel
Marketplaces in Jerusalem (left) and Tel Aviv (right)
Military and Religion side by side at the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
The bitter irony… such scenic beauty, yet rom here, you can see Syria, and hear bomb blasts on a regular basis