What did you expect would happen?

Source: https://flic.kr/p/2vBoiA

Source: https://flic.kr/p/2vBoiA

So, Donald Trump is in the general election fight of his life now that he is the nominee of the Republican Party. He has managed to offend every ethnic group, religious institution, and even his own campaign, and still managed to get this far on the strength of playing to the very worst of humanity’s flaws. He has shown himself to be vindictive, petty, arrogant and ignorant by every standard of polite society, yet he is lauded for such traits by his followers. His policies are the epitome of tyranny and offend the Founding Father’s and all that they bled for, at least the policies he is willing to share with the public. Yet, despite all his flaws and the trash heap of evidence of his pathology, it was his push-back on a mother and father of a fallen American Hero, a MUSLIM, that might just have woken the Republican Party from their drug-induced stupor. The sacrosanct position that Gold Star families inhabit is an impenetrable fortress of patriotism that no-one is allowed to besmirch and Trump tread on that holy ground like a vampire tripping into the sanctuary of a consecrated church.

What amazes me is that it lasted this long (and there is no guarantee he won’t win the election) and it took the sweet, sweet irony of Loki the Trickster to bring in Trump’s arch nemesis onto the national stage, the MUSLIMS, to hold out their hand and flash their copy of the U.S. Constitution at him like a talisman in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The full depth and passion of a parents’ grief were strong enough to wake the country and show that a sociopathic liar with narcissistic personality disorder is incapable of subduing his man-child tantrums in a fit of indignant rage even when all of humanity has agreed to a social pact that grieving military families get a quite nod and an empathetic mewing without snarky commentary.

So Bravo, Loki! I applaud your Schadenfreude Gift. I hope there is more in your bag of tricks.

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