Referral Program Update

We have an important announcement regarding the referral program at UPcoin. As you know, our referral program initially had 1400 slots available, offering 50%, 30% and 20% of the trading fees your referrals generate.

We have received numerous questions asking us what was going to happen next. Decision has been made to continue our referral program on an ongoing basis. This means you can bring unlimited number of referrals at any moment — during pre-launch, beta testing or after trading begins. You will be getting 20% of your referrals’ trading fees for as long as they keep trading. To start getting your referral fees, you need to have at least 10 qualified referrals.

Who is a qualified referral and how does it work?

A qualified referral is a user who has deposited funds to UPcoin.

Please note that the $500 sign up is not counted towards your referral payouts. Commission will be credited only after the bonus is fully used up or expired.

Users who sign up after pre-launch and start trading without the $500 bonus to cover their fees, will immediately start generating trading fees for their respective referrers.

A quick example:

1. You gave your referral link to 128 users; out of them 100 signed up at
2. Out of this 100, 85 users made a deposit to UPcoin. They immediately become qualified referrals. Your dashboard will show the number of your qualified referrals.
3. Out of these 85 users, 54 are actively trading. It means you will be receiving your fees from the trading fees these 54 qualified referrals will be generating.

Key points to emphasize

  1. The $500 sign up bonus doesn’t count towards referral payouts;
  2. Users who have signed up after pre-launch will not be eligible for the sign up bonus. They will immediately start generating revenue for their respective referrers and this will be reflected in their dashboards.

Your Dashboard and Referral Stats

As announced previously, we will release an updated dashboard, showing your referral stats in greater detail. Here is what you will be able to see:

1) Your status in the referral program and the fee you will be getting from your referrals (20%, 30%, 50%).

2) Referral IDs of your respective referrals. While no personal information is going to be revealed, we will include your referrals’ IDs so that you can see who registered via your referral link.

3) Number of your qualified referrals. This allows you to see who is trading actively at an exchange and is generating profit for you.

4) Referral registration date. You will be able to see the date when your referral signed up at UPcoin.

All these changes are made with you in mind, making the program both more transparent and effective.

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