The True Value of a Power User

Power Users the last step of a sales funnel. They are the group of users that are so crafty with your product that they almost know it better than you do. Power Users take advantage of all your features, use all the hotkeys, and are the true devotees to the product.

Where is the power user section?

Some funnels don’t even include this group of users, but these users are your most valuable users by a big margin. I believe Power Users are highly undervalued and often neglected in the growth cycle and product development. More time should get invested to empower your users to become Power Users. Converting your common user to a power user will yield a ton of value. Here are a few ways in which Power Users will help your product.

Yield High Product Value — Power Users reap the highest value from your product and that generally generate the highest revenue for your company. One of the core ways to represent user value is to evaluate them on the input to value formula. By increasing the amount of value that is generated by the input or reducing the amount of input needed for the same output will increase the overall input to value ratio of your product. Powers Users should be at the highest end of the input to value spectrum. By understand all the features and aspects of your product, they should be empowered to get the highest rewards with minimal input.

For example, Twitter’s power users create 70% of the distributed content just by sending a tweet, leading to the large portion of it’s revenue. For Optimizely, the power users take advantage of advanced features such as user segmenting or geolocation, creating to the highest amount of engagement in an A/B test experiment. More advanced features should facilitate easier use of your product or make your tool more powerful.

Power Users should reap the highest value, yielding the highest revenue for you. Whether it is twitter driving more engagement that yields more ad revenue, or in Optimziely’s case, driving higher customer value yields to a higher price tolerance, the users who use your product the best will get the highest value.

Marketing and Growth — Power Users often times are also your Brand Advocates. Brand Advocates tell their colleagues and friends about how amazing the product is and why they should use it too. In all phases of product growth, these Brand Advocates help drive growth and acquire customers. Brand Advocates are born from your most engaged users, the people who get the highest value out of your product. In our Optimizely example, who wouldn’t want to tell all their friends they got a 150% improvement in conversions by segmenting their customers? The higher value the product yields, the more likely someone will be to recommend it.

To see some serious brand advocacy first hand, you should look at Slack’s wall of love.

Feedback and Product Growth — The Power Users who use your product the most will tend to have a lot of feedback and ideas. Sometimes, they will even use your product in a way that you never expected. The best part is that Power Users are generally pretty vocal, so they are always more than happy to provide feedback and share ideas. It’s a great way to grow your product in new and innovate ways.

Although it is hard to quantify the exact value of a Power User, there are many advantages by empowering your users. The more value each user gets out of your product, the more value they can produce for you.

In my next post, I will explain how to start converting more of your users into Power Users. Updatra’s quest is to help communicate with users, intelligently informing them of the latest product features. Turn your users into Power Users by informing them on the latest and greatest features.