How to get 1 Million plus reach on Facebook in a week !

As a social media marketer we are given a task to increase the reach of Facebook pages of our clients faster and cheaper in terms of money spent. For a social media marketer there is nothing as awesome as the post going viral. Because then even without any money spent on advertisements post reach will still increase. But the main question is how to get the posts to get viral or what to post when we are just starting the page and have no likes.

The answer to all this is “entertainment posts”. Why would a user like the post where you have made the post same as others. No matter how innovative posts you make it still will look like an advertisement. And such posts are obviously needed because at the end we need people to know about our product.

But entertainment posts are the key to get viral at early stages. One good entertainment posts can get your page viral like you would have never expected. One single post can get you 1 million plus reach. But do keep in mind the entertainment post you are promoting must be in line with your product or business niche. And when you get the engagement on your post and people like the post you can just simply invite them and it will increase the conversions on your page.

Isn’t it awesome what you can achieve with just a single entertainment post in a week. Try it you will love the results. Try with images, videos and gif see what works well with your page. The audience love it, it increases engagement also you get the targeted likes faster with lesser money spent.