When you don’t get enough time for yourself

I have been chasing my dream for last few years but last 4 months, I am working 24/7 taking projects to learn and earn more. Gaining experience, pushing forward. But in this hectic life between my college and work, it seems like I have lost myself somewhere. There is no time to rest even if I am sitting, I am constantly thinking about my or my client’s work. I love all this and it seems like it is my drug. But sometime I feel like I have limited my imagination or become too focused on what is needed to be done that now I don’t feel any external stimuli, not the nature, not the chirping of birds in early morning, not that fresh air I used to feel earlier, not that late night cold. That was all too relaxing and peaceful, I miss that.

I have made a schedule now to take out the time for myself so that my imagination is not just limited to my work and around it but I am able to see and feel and the external stimuli and environment.

I love the work, just trying to enjoy more.