What is Dianabol? Is it Legal to Use in Canada?

Dianabol is actually a steroid which is formulated with testosterone and is consumed widely for bodybuilding and to gain huge muscle mass. In both Canada and the UK, it is consumed as a tonic. Initially, it caused severe side effects due to which it was banned in Canada and the US. But certain improvements made it to deliver fast results in muscle building and it has been used for different reasons.

How is Dianabol Consumed?

Dianabol Canada is widely used for muscle building. It is consumed widely through injection or in the form of pills. However, injections are widely preferred by a lot of people to get faster results than pills. Both bodybuilders and athletes use this supplement. It is scientifically proven to give instant results when it is combined with other hormones and steroids like testosterone. It is known to be a very effective supplement for men. It is a natural steroid which is available in Canada.

Is it Legal?

In Canada, legality has become a long haul debate for the overall sales of Dianabol for several years. For all anabolic steroids, the rules are very similar in the market. Some steroids are listed Schedule IV drugs. Taking these types of drugs is an offence with 6 months of jail or fine of $2000.

If your dose exceeds 200mg in the form of injection or pills, Dianabol turns Schedule IV Drug. However, this law is exceptional if you have prescription to take up to 200mg by a licensed doctor.

In Canada, Dianabol is legal if it is taken under 200mg for personal use. But selling it is illegal. To purchase Dianabol, you have to import it from Australia, Mexico and the US, the biggest steroid suppliers across the world.

Chemical Properties

Dianabol (chemical name “methandrostenolone”) is made of a different blend of chemicals derived by a Germany-based biochemist group. Weighs 300.442 g/mol, Dianabol is not the official steroid. It can be sold with a prescription in Canada as an injection or oral drug. It is very potent and is helpful to build muscles. It retains your muscles for a long time. It works the same as Anadrol and Testosterone. Common people don’t know about its exact composition.

Rules Regarding Use of Dianabol in Canada

Be it injection or pills, there are several rules on the consumption of Dianabol in Canada. Most of the Anabolic steroids including Dianabol and Anadrol are covered under the Canadian Controlled Drugs & Substances Act. According to the act, the dosage of this drug shouldn’t exceed 200mg. Dianabol, as injection, can only be bought by a person who has licensed doctor’s prescription in Canada. If you don’t have prescription, you will be imposed of $2000 fine.

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