Blab is dead…long live Blab.
Shaan Puri

I appreciate how hard it is to launch any product, and Blab had a lot of potential. That is failed likely has to do with a lot of things. And it’s interesting how the creators own NONE of it.

When closed down, they gave their users notice and a way to access their stored videos.

Blab didn’t even send an email to their users. You didn’t even give people the decency to upload and/or download their videos in case they hadn’t yet. Those people helped spread your word.

“Most live streams sucked.” I’m sorry — who gave you the right to condemn folks who were at least trying? There were streams that didn’t hit it out of the park and there were jerks who didn’t use the platform properly.

But why insult them? Why not own your own failures and share that burden?

There are ways to do business. The Blab team obviously hasn’t a clue what those are. The only exception to that was Jason, who was the “Blab stud” for support. He was great and responsive.

Your lofty ideals of how success works ignore the people who help support you towards those goals. Why would anyone use your products again when you have so little respect for those who embrace them?

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