An Interesting New Development in the Area of Messaging

Julie Hotard
Nov 1, 2019 · 1 min read

Here’s a new way some people are using to spread messages over the Internet, without the benefit of media to broadcast messages far and wide.

The memes are embedded within messages that are about entirely different subjects.

There are memes like the ones below traveling around the Internet lately. Many with pictures. Like these:

There is some evidence turning up for the point of view held by those conveying this message.

Perhaps if embedded memes work to spread messages, we will see a lot more of them on the Internet. They begin with a message that is likely to have a broad audience — an audience that would likely include people of all political persuasions. In this way, they maximize their audience, despite carrying a specific message that many viewers/readers might not have chosen to view, if they had known what was contained later on within that message. Perhaps embedded memes will manage to pierce the Right/Left polarization barrier. Time will tell.

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