Open Letter to Judge Judy about Your Endorsement of Michael Bloomberg

Julie Hotard
Nov 11, 2019 · 2 min read

Hi, Judge Judy

Thanks for appearing on the Bill Maher show on November 8th. It was good to see you out in public, voicing your views on who might be able to solve our current national problems. I was pleased to find out that you do not support Trump and that you recognize that he is not working in favor of your ideals of justice, fairness and order.

Your favorite candidate, Michael Bloomberg, has an impressive list of credentials and achievements, as we can all see from his Wikipedia biography page.

I see that the video of your interview is not on Bill Maher’s Real Time public blog site. I hope you will give him permission to post the interview and ask him to do so. I was going to tell everyone who doesn’t have HBO like I do, to watch your interview on Maher’s blog site or on You Tube. I was disappointed to find that it wasn’t there. Please be aware that a lot of people don’t have HBO. Currently no one has access to Maher’s great interview with you unless they subscribe to HBO.

If you wants your ideas to be broadcast to the greatest number of people possible, getting it on Bill’s blog site and on his You Tube site will be necessary. You can close the youtube video to comments if you don’t want trolls posting comments below your video there. Then this one interview that you did on this subject can have the widest impact — spreading your views and maximizing your voice in public affairs.

I had wondered what political party you favored and was pleased to see you come out in favor of a Democrat. You made some excellent points about order and Bloomberg’s executive experience, as did Bill about the need and desire of the people for reform, rather than for a continuation of the pre-Trump status quo.

I agree with you and Maher that Bloomberg has a lot to offer and should not be dismissed because he’s a billionaire. It’s his ideas that are important, and his executive experience — not his net worth. Of course he has no federal government experience. There are those of us who think he would do best to team up with someone with federal government experience, bold new ideas and the reform cred of having proposed and established a very popular Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

I would definitely vote for a Warren/Bloomberg ticket.

Bloomberg, and any of our other Democratic primary candidates, except for Tulsi Gabbard, would make great cabinet people, with Warren as president.

I know you prefer Bloomberg at the top of the ticket. But if he doesn’t win, I hope you will stick with Democrats, endorsing whoever ends up at the top of the Democratic ticket. Why wouldn’t you? You are for order, justice and fairness. Trump is certainly the opposite of that. Whoever ends up on the Democratic ticket is bound to be a lot closer to those ideals.


Julie Hotard, Ph.D., psychologist

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