Wake up. You Are Needed for Impeachment Demonstrations.

Julie Hotard
Jul 30, 2019 · 3 min read

It seems there is nothing Donald Trump can do that will persuade Pelosi to go ahead and let the Democrats impeach him. She seems to believe impeachment will excite Trump’s base and cause him to win re-election. It’s as if Pelosi believes the Right Wing spin machine only goes into operation if Democrats do something — here, if we impeach. It’s as if she believes the Right Wing spin machine won’t bite us if we don’t impeach. But it will bite us no matter what we do. So we may as well do the right thing and hold Trump accountable.

Good books about abusers tell us thatpeople who are being abused — right now in politics, Democrats, mainstream media & minorities — can’t find some perfect way of acting that will guarantee they will avoid being abused. Abuse is not controlled by the people abused but by the abuser, who feels entitled to abuse no matter what others do. Here’s a good book about this

Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men by Lundy Bancroft (Author)


The Right Wing propaganda machine is in operation constantly but will go into warp speed in the months just before the 2020 election. It will include Right Wing and Russian trolls on social media pretending to be Democrats. If Democrats impeach, the trolls will bash them and call impeachment a witch hunt. But if Democrats don’t impeach, trolls will bash them just as much. Trolls will just use different lies.

If Democrats don’t impeach, the Right Wing propagandists on social media will keep pretending to be Democrats sometimes. They’ll tweet things like “I voted Dem in 2018 because I wanted a check on Trump. But Dems did nothing to hold him accountable. Most Democratic voters wanted impeachment and Democrats in Congress ignored us. Dems are useless. #WalkAway.”

Or they’ll tweet as Republicans and say “Democrats wanted to take Trump down because they are partisans who don’t care about our nation. But they couldn’t impeach. They talked about it but couldn’t do it, because the Mueller report exonerated Trump.”

Democrats have gotten into old comfortable habits of timidly deferring to Republicans over the years. It may be hard to let go of old habits. But it’s possible.

Come on, Speaker Pelosi, and fellow Democratic voters too. Channel your Inner Con Artists. That will help you to understand what Right Wing propagandists and con artists are likely to do next. You must have done or contemplated doing something unethical some time, even if it was only stealing a penny candy as a child. Remember that.

Then imagine being a habitual big time con artist or a bully. Suppose people kept ignoring your bullying or your con artistry or kept “speaking truth to power” by saying “You’re a bully. You should stop that and do the right thing instead.” Would it stop you? What if people failed to hold you accountable? Would that get you to stop bullying or conning? Of course not. Bullies understand consequences and limits set on them. They ignore words.

I won’t assume that everyone I disagree with has bad intentions, or is self-serving or immoral etc., even though Twitter is full of role models of that attitude. I think Pelosi actually believes Democrats would be better off not impeaching. She’s just mistaken — not evil in her intentions.

People from other countries have recently been demonstrating in large numbers, demanding that their government do the right thing. Some have been successful.

Most Americans have not yet gotten to the point where they’re willing to get out on the streets and demonstrate often in large numbers. That may take a while. I’ve participated in demonstrations myself, although most people in my area have not. But some of us have to be the first ones, to get the ball rolling. Why not give it a try? You will very likely meet some nice people and have some fun. I did.

So wake up. You are needed for impeachment demonstrations. I hope to see you out there.

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